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06 Feb 2020, by Pomelodigital

Over the past few years, we have spent considerable time with startups who are passionate about what they do and are confidently taking on big brands with their drive and love for what they do.

In the recent past, we have worked with several eCommerce brands that were fairly new to the market and were solely run by founders. Their expertise and experience to market their brand online were limited. This blog post is for startups who want to get their Brand & Digital Marketing Right. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are creating a digital strategy for your startup:


Sales Result from A Differentiated Brand Proposition
You will need to craft a differentiated brand proposition for your brand, which will require you to deep dive into the mind of your customers and their motivations to buy your product.

Benchmark competition, look at how your competitors are communicating on digital and how you can position your brand. Ideally, your brand proposition should be different. Look at the larger picture, the category you operate in and the opportunities and threats. See if the market is growing or if it’s nascent, and decide what will be your stance in either case. And, lastly, consider your strengths and craft an authentic proposition for your brand.


Work on Your Marketing Plan
Think long-term, don’t be tactical and work short-term. Results don’t happen in a day. It takes concerted effort for years to build some brand traction. If you are launching your brand, you could look at dividing the year into separate campaigns for building brand awareness and driving sales. When we are creating campaigns for our clients, we usually plan for large campaigns, which give the brand the desired reach, followed by smaller campaigns designed for a specific audience and purpose, such as, driving sales.


What is Your Content Strategy?
You must create brand experiences for your customers across their path of purchase. This can be done by creating differentiated content all the way through. The content should help you move consumers from Awareness to Consideration, and finally, to making a Purchase. In fact, when you are executing your social media campaigns, you need personalized and differentiated content for targeting different customers with different interests and types. You could capitalize on latest platform-specific content formats, such as, Stories, Canvas ads, Video Stories,and Carousels, to tell your brand story. And if you are an ecommerce store, it’s imperative you invest in good photography.


Invest in Tools and Marketing Automation As Soon As Possible
We know how important it is to continuously bring new customers, but it’s equally important to engage with your existing customers simultaneously. This requires an investment in a marketing automation SAAS based platform. In most cases, the costs are exorbitant for startups who are tight on budget and start from a few thousand dollars. Alternatively, you can reduce the costs by letting your web developer bring some marketing automation tech to your own platform. Also, it’s wise to stay away from marketing automation players that offer their services to B2B Clients. These players usually have limited applications for B2C players.


Measure, Analyze and Strategize
Always have an eye on the performance. You must get reports from Google Analytics, Campaigns and your Backend website dashboard and optimize your effort as you go. Ideally, you should look at building a single window view to map brand performance all across.


This is quite a lot of do for a startup, and if you are short of hands and need support, simply give us a shout-out and write in to us at

Let’s get started.


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