about us

We are momentum freaks. We are pomelo.

who we are

We are a bunch of people with wheels under our heels. We are momentum freaks. Brand specialists. HR specialists. Data analysts. Digital planners. Creative mavericks. Technologists. We are people who dye their black hair grey, and people who dye their grey hair black. A team that’s a mix of youth and experience, with a collective experience of over 100 years in serving clients in India and across the world.
What adds more bite to Pomelo is the fact that our leadership team won’t just be appearing at pitches, they will actually be working on your account. We aren’t a startup, but we have the DNA of a startup. And we are here to add juice to your brand with some refreshing work.

Why us

On line, off line, we don't draw the line

Our journey was rather unconventional, from digital to offline. It’s only now that brands are increasingly becoming digital-first. To help their offline endeavours, we maintain an active network of partners for brand activations across offline channels. The actual magic lies in how we synergize the two mediums and give them the power of momentum.

Imagine Columbus having to navigate across today's fragmented Digital landscape.

He would be at sea. Just like most clients and agencies today. But, not us. We can work out a path through the maze, through the minefields of social media, social advocacy platforms, mapping tools, marketing automation tools and the labyrinth of your investments in content.
We know how to get results with a limited budget. And, unlike Columbus, we will make sure your brand reaches where you want it to arrive, and with momentum.

Data, insights and mysteries of the digital universe

We know how to decode data. We know how to recognize an insight. This combination of left and right-brained talents helps us understand categories and audiences better. It also empowers us to understand focus groups, quant surveys and data insights gathered across innumerable digital footprints better.
We use data to back our claims and don’t just rely on the gut feel. We invest in data analytics and tools and are well-networked with platform partners.

We dive deeper

Today everybody and their uncle claim that they dive deep. We go a step further, dive deeper to understand your business, culture, target audience, value proposition, brand tonality and manners and craft momentum marketing solutions that propel your brand forward.

Thinkers and tech tinkers.

We understand technology and use it to propel your brand forward with momentum. We have what it takes to execute digitally led ideas with the precision of a guided missile. From choosing the right e-commerce platforms to activating an IoT-led digital activation ideas, our team is well-equipped to disrupt for you.