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Employer Brand Proposition, EVP

Train the Managers to Lead your Employee Experience

15 Sep 2022, by Pomelodigital

Managers often lead the hiring process in organizations. In the course of a job, the manager assigns the task, reviews employee ideas, translates the company vision for them, and essentially is the first and last point of interaction the employee has with the organization.


So who better than the mid-level managers to be the torchbearers of the employer brand?


We applied this insight when crafting an employer brand for a client and determining the best strategy to implement it.


Instead of rolling out EVPs and the Employer Brand Proposition to the employees at large, we started by first focusing on the managers. If they experience it live, and mark it with their own thumbs up, then they are likely to aid in the fastest delivery of the news to the rest of the employees. Building interest, anticipation, and even a pre-buy-in.


An offsite was organized. The employer brand proposition was brought alive at the venue with a strong binding theme. Merchandizing was created. Proof points of every EVP were laid out. The bigger organizational picture was painted. The platform was set. The teams were inducted and provided the right tools, handouts, and initiatives to help infiltrate the takeaways to the last mile team member.


To ensure efficacies and result tracking, milestones were drawn out, and rewards for both individuals and teams were introduced that could be earned along the way.