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Ratna Pande

HR, Thought Leader

Ratna knows her stuff. She has seen India morphing from the ‘you can buy any car you want, as long it’s a Premier or an Ambassador’ era, to the age of liberalization. She understands not only the economic evolution of India, but also the cultural and mindset changes that have occurred over the years. And how today’s workplaces can become the beacons of both, employment as well as inspiration.

Ratna’s rich leadership experience in HR covers a large cross-section of the industries across India, APAC, the Middle East, North America and the UK. She has shouldered many responsibilities throughout her illustrious career: in Business Development, Solutioning & Transition, Training, Leadership & OD, Quality, Operations, Learning & Development and Talent. Management. Her assignments include the ones at IBM, American Express, HSBC, GE Capital and Tata Infotech.

Ratna is also an author with a book of short stories already out, and one on the way. So, rest assure your journey with her will be really and truly stimulating.