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Navneet Singh Sahni


Navneet has two abiding passions. First, the water of Scotland. and the magic that happens to it in the barrels. Second, distilling and devising technology-enabled creative approaches that drive customer loyalty, business productivity and enhance competitive advantage. He has a passion for technology and the possibilities of the Internet of things (IoT).

His therapist tells us that Navneet has an OCD that is hinged to seeking perfection in all that he does. In fact, the engineer in him surfaces even when tea is being served to him. He has a point of view on everything, for example, whether tea should be poured on milk or milk should go first.

In his previous stint, Navneet was a Founder, CEO of iStrat, and he successfully divested his stake to Publicis Groupe. Navneet led the technology teams at iStrat and worked with clients such as Honda, Maruti Suzuki, Confederation of the Indian Industry, Pepsi, McDonalds India, and Lal Path Labs. He deployed India’s first IoT-enabled dashboard for Honda employees at the factory, democratizing business information for blue-collar workers. Now he is here to unleash the magic of technology for your brand with the new-age dimension of momentum.