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Using linkedin stories to enhance employer branding

16 Jun 2021, by Pomelodigital

What are “LinkedIn Stories”?

In its most recent addition, LinkedIn has introduced “LinkedIn Stories”, a feature that allows members and organizations to share content in a short video or image format to update their daily experiences, professional journeys, or any other piece of information in a quick and fun way.  The stories are active for 24 hours, after which they’re automatically deleted. The feature is only available on the mobile app.


Moreover, with a similar feature on Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook, the familiarity can get you used to it in no time. But don’t use LinkedIn Stories interchangeably with other stories on other platforms. Here’s how can leverage the feature in the context of professional use, especially with respect to employer branding.


What does it mean for employer branding?

Employer branding goes hand-in-hand with staying updated with the latest online and offline trends. Similarly, using LinkedIn stories can become a great way to break away from the clutter and stand out as a great organization to reinforce your employer branding ethos for existing employees, potential candidates, and all other stakeholders.


How to leverage LinkedIn stories for employer branding?

It is always great to get on with a new feature or trend before the bandwagon joins in. It gives you an edge and brings you in the limelight, getting the much-needed attention to all that you stand for! Here are a few ways to use LinkedIn stories to enhance your employer branding.


1. Reinforce values – Using stories is a great way to keep reiterating the values which make your organization a great place to work.


2. Talk to potential employees – Stories can be put to use to attract new talent by sharing vacancies, perks, and other benefits of joining your organization.


3. Recognition – Stories can be great to recognize employees who perform well at work. This can also act as a great motivational tool for others.


4. Engaging with thought leaders Collaborate with relevant thought leaders and influencers for a discussion to keep your organization relevant and visible among the competition as well potential employees.


5. Success stories - Stories can be very effective in sharing the success of an organization, for example, consumer testimonials, media presence, the launch of a product or service, employee testimonials, etc.


6. Share initiatives Use stories to talk about the initiatives and efforts in place to improve the organization in terms of a place to work; this can be beneficial for existing as well as potential employees of the organization.


Some tips to use LinkedIn stories effectively

1. Post stories regularly as doing a one-off story once a month or lesser will not bring the required engagement.


2. Keep it lightweight yet professional by choosing the content wisely.


3. Think about the content you want to put on stories and keep it goal-oriented. It is recommended to have a content calendar in place to help you get started.


4. Optimize content by measuring its effectiveness in terms of engagement.