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Employer Branding services

Employer branding for tech companies

12 Feb 2020, by Pomelodigital

With the tech revolution in full swing, finding and retaining tech talent is becoming increasingly challenging for employers. If you are a startup or a large company looking for the best talent for your company, you need to build your employer brand in a way that’s attractive to your future employees, which are typically Millennials and Gen Z.

Here are a few things that can help you build an employer brand:

Find Key Motivators for Your Talent Pool

If you are looking to tap the best talent at top tech colleges or universities, look beyond salary and direct monetary benefits. This may not sound important, but it’s important.


According to the 2019 Deloitte Global Millennial Survey, Indian Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to work for companies that aren’t about profit and working for real impact on the ground. If given a choice, they would prefer to work for a gig economy for the freedom, control and dopamine release from creating and building something cool and disruptive. As a company, you must dig into these insights and devise a strategy to appear more appealing for them.

Be visible on channels they are also present

The line between personal social networks and professional networks is blurring quickly. So, if want to engage with millennials, you need to evaluate your channels strategy accordingly and also consider personal social networks, such as, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, aside from more popular LinkedIn and Glassdoor.


To build awareness about your employer brand, your need to have a distinct employer brand voice they feel more connected with on a platform. For that, you might want some insights into their conversations and interests. A social listening tool around your employer brand can help you with that.

Content strategy for both active and passive talent

Once you have identified the channels, you can create your content strategy based on the target audience. Content will be developed for candidates actively seeking a job or are rather passive talent pool. You also need to build thought leadership around your tech or industry, A tech blog, featuring the stalwarts of your company, can bring alive the proposition to join your company.

Up your hiring game with programmatic

Globally, also now in India, talent acquisition is moving on from regular job boards and professional social networking platforms to media channels across digital. With programmatic digital tech, companies are now able to reach to a larger pool of talent by tapping into hitherto unavailable or passive audience, while maintaining both quality and higher response rate.

Build on your Employee Referral Programme

If your employees are enjoying being a part of your company, they can become key influencers to getting their friends or friends of friends to join your company and build a tribe. You can look for incentives other than just referral incentives to get them to take greater pride in the company they work for. So, a strong referral strategy is something you will need to build on. This works fantastically.

Bring your employer brand experience alive inside

We have seen companies put a concerted effort in building an employer brand to attract outside employees and ignore the existing pool of talent inside. On the contrary, they should internalize the employer brand first and have an inside-out approach.

If you have articulated an employer brand proposition for your company or have a loosely defined one, you can launch an employer brand campaign internally and do a survey to see results. This is obviously not a one-time effort but rather a sustained plan to make this a success.

If you need any help with your Employer Branding or want to run a campaign, feel free to reach out to us at info@pomelodigital.in

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